Once upon a time...

The farm has been owned by the Moroder family since the 18th century, when an enterprising forefather moved to Ancona from Val Gardena. The year of foundation of the winery is 1837: since that year, agriculture has been the main occupation of the family. At the beginning of the 1980s, Alessandro and Serenella Moroder transformed the estate, introducing new cultivation methods and specialized vines to exploit the potential of the Conero’s black grapes.

This internal transformation involved a strong renewal in the whole organization. The rural district was reorganized while processes were renovated. All the efforts were focused on the wine production and a new vision was clear: “thrive as one of the best wineries in the region while delighting consumers with a Rosso Conero that must respect and enhance the territory”.

Nowadays, the new generation fortifies this philosophy to make wine. The winery and the territory complement each other, while the family management looks for the best way to respect the tradition cornerstones while exceeding customer expectations with high-quality wines.


Unique territory, charming landscapes… will that be all? Absolutely not: people, thanks to their passion and commitment, give a special touch to every product.

The wine-maker establishes a univocal connection with the lands and leaves his imprint on the wines. His collaborators add value with their expertise both in the vineyards and in the winery. The person responsible for welcoming and accommodation passes down all the passion contained in every bottle, in each course, in all the activities.

Alessandro e Serenella Moroder
Alessandro e Serenella


Marco, Michela e Alessia Moroder
Marco, Michela e Alessia


Mattia e Melissa Moroder
Mattia e Melissa


Marco Gozzi Enologo Moroder
Marco Gozzi


Luca Mercadante - Staff Moroder
Luca Mercadante


Roberta Zachmann - Staff Moroder
Roberta Zachmann

Administrative Office

Tamara, Saverio e Simone - Staff AION Moroder
Tamara, Saverio e Simone Gatti

Kitchen Staff


All the vineyards of the estate cover some of the hills around the Monte Conero. Our terroir is made of several elements: the fresh breeze coming from the close Adriatic Sea, a rich calcareous soil, an elevation between 600 and 750 feet and the expositions to the south and south-east.
Montepuciano is the variety that we use in purity to make the Rosso Conero. Indeed, Montepulciano vineyards extend for roughly 55 acres and include our oldest vines which are 70 years old.
The remaining portion of vineyards range between 15 and 25 years and cover several varieties: from the local Malvasia di Candia, Verdicchio and Moscato to the international Merlot and Sirah. Usually yields range between 2,500 and 3500 kilos per acre, depending on several factors such as the age of the vineyards and their exposition.


In the Marche region, within the natural Park of Conero Mountain, the estate cover over 130 acres, of which 70 of vineyards. The lands and the cultivations exploit the distinctive traits of this part of the coast: indeed, the distance from the sea is only one mile as the crow flies.

Aiming to have a natural and high-quality product and thanks to an appropriate microclimate, the cultivations have always been farmed with a low-impact agriculture. An additional step has been reached after several years of conversion: since 2010, the winery is actually organically-certified.

A truly authentic rural complex is positioned in the hearth of the estate. It comprises both the wine-making spaces and those reserved for welcoming and hospitality.

Conero Mountain

Mount Conero is 572 metres high and it is the only coastal high point on the Adriatic Sea between Trieste and the Gargano massif. Around the Mount, a protected ecological area has been classified as Natural Park since 1987.

The areas in the park offer a wide range of landscapes: from the green Mediterranean Scrub to the intense blue of the Adiratic Sea. For hike lovers, these lands offer 18 trails and the possibility to observe a wide pack of wildlife. Otherwise, relax-seeker can find several enchanting beaches: "San Michele", with crystal water and white sandy, or "Mezzavalle", made of rocky gravelly sand, are just two examples of this rich offer. Finally, various historical sites represent a must-see for visitors of this area: the old church "S.Maria di Portonovo", the subterranean route in Camerano or the nice city center of Ancona and Sirolo.